Note: All members, regardless of age, are required to pay a membership fee to Norges Kampsportforbund (The Norwegian Martial Arts Association) every year at the start of the year (or when you join the club). This fee covers, amongst other things, insurance against injuries. This fee comes in addition to the regular training fees.

To be a full member of Sunyata Aikido Dojo and have grading rights, you must at least purchase a card for 10 training sessions.

Alternative 1: Pay NOK3500 each semester (6 months, spring/fall).
Alternative 2: Pay NOK600 monthly throughout the entire semester.
Alternative 3: Pay NOK1000 for 10 training sessions. (Card) Valid for the calender year

Additional: NOK250 when attaining a new kyu grade.
Membership fee: NOK450 each year.

Regular price: NOK1700 each semester (6 months, spring/fall).
Family price: NOK1400 each semester (6 months, spring/fall) if you have siblings also training with us.

Additional: NOK100 when attaining a new grade (new belt included when applicable).
Membership fee: NOK300 each year.

Black Belt training
90,- pr session or use card

Payments to bank account
1503.64.01815 (Sunyata Aikido Dojo Heggedal)