Beginner classes spring 2020

We have started our training schedule from Thursday the 2nd of January! We will accept new members througout the month. Please see our schedule for information about training times.

Superweek 2019

Superuka 11 juli @ 18:00 – 18 juli @ 19:30 En hel uke med fokus på ditt pensum! Torsdag18:00 – 19:0019:10 – 20:10 Fredag – Torsdag09:00 – 10:0010:10 – 11:1011:20 – 12:2017:00 – 18:0018:10 – 19:1019:10 – 19:25 -oppsummering av dagen Pris 2500,-

Evening training on Wednesdays

Hello all! We have updated our schedule with an evening class on Wednesdays from 19.10 – 20.30. The instructor is Remy Helgesen.

Seminar with Kobayashi Hiroaki, 7th dan

We would like to remind you about this year’s visit from JapanSee calendar for more information:

Beginner classes 2019

We would like to welcome everyone to start training Aikido with us in Sunyata Heggedal. Beginner classes start on monday january 7th, with trainings on mondays and thursdays 1910-2040. Late joiners also welcome!

Open day and Beginner’s classes – Autumn 2018

Hello everybody! We will start up the season with an Open Day with free tryouts at  Sunyata Aikido Dojo on Saturday August 18th from 12:00pm. Then, on Monday August 20th we start up the children’s classes from 18:00 and the adult’s classes from 19:10 See our calendar or click on […]

Summer Schedule 2018

From July 1st to August 17th Tuesdays 18.30-20.10 Open Thursdays 18.30-20.10 Open Exception: There is no open training on Thursday July 12th and Thursday July 19th (because of Superweek) Members can use the premises for training during the summer. During Superweek July 12th-19th it is possible to join in with […]